Today Cogem Plus presents the world of elevators as a benchmark company, through its unparalleled experience as regards the study, design, installation, implementation and maintenance of elevators.

More Cogem conceive and develop a range of lifts specially adapted for housing, whether for houses or apartment buildings, its products fit into any environment, they combine both robustness, simplicity, security .
Thus to provide a diverse range of lift and reliable products and high quality Cogem Plus has developed partnerships with leading manufacturers of elevators and mobility solutions worldwide.

The product innovation, rigorous project management, expertise of its teams have allowed Cogem more easily adapt to changing markets and technology issues more complex. Ella was able to differentiate themselves by how it develops its business, driven by a strategy of penetration of global markets. Thus, we are a company that has conquered space clean and recognized on the national and international markets.

With this bet on increasing the skills of our human resources, reliable products and innovative in providing quality service, Cogem Plus has been building a relationship of trust with its partners and satisfy all its customers.