Monitoring System

WinMOS®300 Monitoring

With WinMOS®300 Monitoring you can simultaneously supervise up to 128 lifts within a network. A maximum selection of 32 lifts can simultaneously be displayed per work station. The lifts are connected to the network by a direct serial interface, a TCP/IP-suitable Ethernet or by modem.

Each lift is displayed in a separate shaft window outlining the shaft in true scale with call section and message section windows. In the call section you can give car and landing calls, select a car door and lock landings. In the message section you can see current malfunctions and messages, as well as storage and malfunction history and details.

There are two versions of WinMOS®300 Monitoring available: WinMOS®300 Monitoring Standard and WinMOS®300 Monitoring Professional. The professional version is supplemented by all functions of WinMOS®300 Diagnostics. A double-click on a lift shaft will open the lift in the diagnosis-mode. Monitoring of all the other lifts is continued in the background.

Aufzugsymbole in Monitoring
Malfunctioning lifts are marked by colours. To be sure that every important function is available at a glance each lift is represented as a symbol above the monitoring window. Car position, door function and malfunction status are represented here.


The call and message windows can be minimised in order that you can better overview the lifts on the display. To do this click the left or right blue bar in the middle of the well section.

Single workstation
Monitoring einzelplatzlösung
The lifts to be monitored are linked to the PC by multiple ports. Provided it is equipped with a special plug-in board the PC can monitor up to 32 lifts.

Monitoring Netzwerklösung
A number of lifts are connected to a lift-server by dedicated lines (see single workstation). A maximum of 8 further PCs (clients) can call in the lift data from one server, so that 9 workstations (8 clients + 1 server) are available. Instead of the lines to the machine room a network can be linked in, provided that the corresponding connections are available in the machine room.

Distributed network
Monitoring verteilte Netzwerklösung
Due to the special situation in a building it might sometimes be useful to apply a number of lift-servers. Theoretically, there is no limit to the number of servers, but the number of lifts linked to the system is limited to 128. The maximum number of lift shafts that can be represented on one client PC is limited to 32. So, if there are, for example, 2 servers linked each with 32 lifts, there are 64 lifts to be monitored. As the lift shafts to be represented can freely be chosen this monitoring room therefore needs to be equipped with two work stations.

Distributed network with composite linking of the lifts
Monitoring verteilte Netzwerklösung
It is possible to query wire-linked lift control units. The serial interfaces on the processor-boards of the lift control units are used for this purpose. The control units can also be linked via the network by means of COM-servers converting the serial ASCII-packages in internet-conforming IP-packages.

Linking of control units of other makes
Remote diagnostic devices can link almost every control unit of other makes in the WinMOS®300 system, regardless of the topology of linking used. Even satellite communication is possible, integrating lifts on ships, in aircrafts and at places that cannot reached by phone in the monitoring system.
Monitoring für Fremdanlagen